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I remember registering for our baby shower like it was yesterday. All the options were so overwhelming. I had no idea what was NEEDED versus what was added bonus. As we embarked on each new feeding stage with our little one, my husband and I quickly realized that there were a lot of things that were needed that we simply weren’t prepared for. Amazon Prime became our constant friend that first year. We spent hours upon hours researching supplies that would help with our baby’s feeding needs. It was overwhelming and exhausting!

I hope that this website can eliminate some of that stress for you. I’ve done the research and used the products. I’ll let you know what worked for us, why we liked it, and how you can get it.

Is There a Product You Would Like Me to Review?

If there is a product that you do not see on my website, but that you think is benificial for feeding baby, I would love to hear about it! Please contact me at if you would like me to consider your product. I would be happy to consider reviewing it and featuring it in an upcoming post on this website.

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