Bottle Feeding

You may begin bottle feeding from day one (with formula, pumped milk, or a combination of both), or you may decide to wait awhile. Either way, there is a lot to know about bottle feeding when the time is right!

When it comes to bottle feeding, there is a lot to consider from nipple size and flow, to bottle size, to bottle material. You’ll also have to decide how you want to clean and sterilize your bottle parts: in a sterilizer, in the dishwasher, or boiling them on the stove.

If you choose formula, it seems that there are endless options for you! It can certainly be overwhelming. I suggest trying some samples first, either from your pediatrician or directly from the company. There is nothing worse than having a Costco size supply of formula that your baby can’t tolerate! I have found that in an attempt to promote breastfeeding, formula feeding has been chastised and moms who choose formula are made to feel inadequate or like failures. This is ridiculous! You are feeding your baby either way! Women shaming each other because of how they choose to care for and feed their babies is awful. If your baby is well fed, well loved, happy, and healthy, that is all that matters. YOU do what is best for your family. If that is formula, then that is great!