About Katie

Welcome to Breast Bottle Spoon!

My name is Katie and I am so excited to be sharing this website with you! My husband Mike and I are parents to the most wonderful 20 month old son! I worked in education for seven years, but left my job when my baby was six months old to stay home with him. Last year I watched a friend’s baby during the work week. Our days were busy, but filled with lots of laughter, Cheerios, and endless adventures! This year it will be just me and my son at home. I am looking forward to having the time to just enjoy his sweet company!

Maybe it’s the influence of my Italian grandmother, but food and feeding people have always been a major part of my life. Now that I have two little ones in the house, it seems my days (and nights!) revolve around filling hungry tummies. Before I had my son I had no idea how many products I would need for each stage of the feeding game. I also had no idea how many hours I would spend researching how to get him to latch when breastfeeding, how to get him to accept taking a bottle, and how to encourage trying new foods. It’s been a busy, sometimes very messy, year of learning how to feed a baby! There were lots of things we didn’t realize we needed until the moment that we needed them! It was stressful though trying to find the best deal and the best products that would actually work so we wouldn’t be wasting our money.

I decided to create this website to help new moms and dads get feeding tips and helpful suggestions as well as some ideas for registries, birthdays, etc. I wish I had someone to tell me what to expect at each stage of the feeding game and what we would need for our baby. I hope that this website can serve as a helpful spot for you to find just that information! Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or tips you want to add! I welcome the feedback and enjoy making new connections.

Happy parenting!

Founder of Breast Bottle Spoon